Full-Length Plays




Take Care

(3W; Drama)

An undocumented Brazilian woman, Selene, has taken Martinha, the daughter of a friend from Brazil, under her wing to take care of a widowed American billionairess. Selene teaches Martinha how to work and be a “perfect American”, much to Martinha’s resistance. But the pressure to survive throws their relationship in jeopardy as work grows more difficult and their widow grows more aware of their tenuous existence.

Letters to My Unrequited Loves

(1M; Solo Musical)

Why are we obsessed with unrequited love? And why do we seek it if we hate it so much? One part burlesque and another part pop-star confessional, Ryan requites himself with romantic disappointments, missed connections, and desperate searches in order to cure himself (and perhaps us all) of the illness that is unrequited love.


(3M, 2F, 1 Transwoman, 2 Genderqueer/Nonbinary; Drama)

In Brazil, Chisa is about to release her own video game adaptation to scores of die-hard fans. But a video game company in Japan threatens to shut it down for misuse of their copyright. What ensues is a game of hide-and-seek across Internet platforms and gay undergrounds, exposing two lonely, queer lives across the Pacific to a world that would rather see them killed...whether by Military Police or Serial Killer.

Jellyfish Queer

(1M; Solo Musical)

After a drunk Brazilian-Bostonian country singer casts doubt on Ryan's heritage, Ryan explores moments from his past where he reconciles his Brazilian and American cultures.  Complicated with his own sexuality and religious upbringing, will Ryan ever fit into what he has been born and raised into?


(2W, 2M, 1 Trans/GNC; Play with Music)

In the hinterlands of Norway, three lonely strangers - a Polish accountant on vacation, a Filipinx former pop star, and a North African immigrant - are navigating their new queer realities and escaping their suffocating pasts.  But with a world war slithering toward them, they must enter a wilderness where their survival isn't assured.  But how long can they run away from a world that threatens to swallow them up?

Desire in a Tinier House

(2M; Erotic Drama)

Trevin has chased his ex-boyfriend all the way to Colorado, only to fall madly in love with his ex’s friend Carlos. Trevin seduces Carlos into a trailer-bound life where they weather disasters and dystopia in their sexual island. But can their love-home outlast jealous intruders and time itself?


(2W, 3M, 1 Trans/GNC; Drama)

An accident separates Telma and her son, Caio in a small Brazilian town. Caio is taken in by a stray dog, with no memory of his life beforehand. Telma takes in a stray cat to keep her company as she recovers. Both Telma and Caio move on from their accidents under new care, but are painfully drawn back to the hazy scene of the accident – and the dangerous conditions that precipitated it.

Passing Time in Animal Town

(3W, 2M; Tragicomedy)

In the virtual community of Animal Town, sheepish Mari struggles to fit in with her younger, more experienced, seemingly picture-perfect villagers.  The longer she gets to know her neighbors, the more she discovers her value in creating a community that has long felt like a lonesome pass-time.  But what will the neighbors think when they slowly discover Mari’s real-life descent infiltrating her actions in Animal Town?


(3W, 2M, 1 Trans/GNC; Drama)

Terrorists have launched an attack on a city, simultaneously stranding and banding together strangers from different locations and walks of life.  Moving forward, they struggle to survive the day.  Moving backward in time, they become separate entities, but more focused in the struggle to make sense of the growing madness.  Fight or fly, stay or go, the play ultimately asks: At what level do we fundamentally make peace with the chaos around us?  Or does such a thing even exist?


(4M; Seriocomedy with Film Elements)

A skydiving excursion gone horribly wrong leaves Gabriela to pick up the pieces of her own life without her close friend, Aria. Moving on without her proves difficult with constant Aria-laced reminders from students, ex-boyfriends, and strangers, forcing Gabriela to look back at her entanglements with Aria to unearth the core of her grief. But is she letting go of an Aria she merely liked? Or an Aria she really loved? Or an Aria she never knew? Or an Aria that let her go?

The Sisters Campinas

(6W, 4M; Bilingual Seriocomedy)

Three sisters - Olga, Maria, and Iara - have been spiritually shackled to their father's Brazilian estate for forty years.  In the wake of their neighbor's death, however, Olga suddenly becomes inspired to paint, while Maria and Iara experience a rush to rekindle lost romances once again, all in an effort to escape the humdrums of age, place and their sister-in-law's obsessive "improvements".  But in this adaptation of Chekhov's Three Sisters, can they finally escape their home that has been prison and workplace for so long?

The Soccer Player in the Closet

(2W, 3M; Magical Seriocomedy)

Cristiano is a top-ranked online soccer player.  And for five years, he has never stepped out of the apartment he's lived in with his father.  But when Cristiano finally departs his apartment, his friends and landlord can't seem to get his "stench" out.  Little by little, they clean out his apartment, hoping to set his memory free, but what they uncover are painful secrets about themselves and Cristiano – and how difficult it is to get someone to simply move on.

Nothing Bad Happens to Her

(3W, 1M; Bilingual Seriocomedy with Music)

Lucy is in the hospital for the third time in her young life.  Yet she falls in love for the first time with a fellow patient who is a fallen boy-bander.  Both of them want to escape this hospital, but every step she falls in love with him makes her fall deeper into illness.  Lucy's mother and doctor desperately rescue her from dangerous blood counts and other complications, but can they rescue her from the charming lilts of adolescent love that only she can hear?

A Taste of Rubies

(2W, 2M, 3-6 Either; Bilingual Magical Drama with Music)

Inspired by Federico Garcia Lorca's "Two Lovers Murdered by a Partridge", a sailor and a musician meet in a small fishing village on the Atlantic coast, inspiring the ire of birds and people alike.  And then they disappear.  A woman seems clueless as to their whereabouts until she takes in an injured partridge several days later who is desperately looking for her son.  Deeply nested prejudices are confronted as mothers struggle to move on and sons struggle to move out amidst the incoming flock of bloodthirst that seems to spread from person to partridge.

Giving Up the Spirits

(2W, 4M; Trilingual Seriocomedy)

At the Glass Closet Lounge in Manhattan, Ferry begins to perform an original song for the crowd, but can’t get the chords or the words right.  It's not because he's unfulfilled or drunk; it's because he's smothered by the ghosts of his parents.  An American Idol reject named Chance holds some promise in getting Ferry’s life and music together.  Whether they succeed in spite of their love of booze and intrusions of loving parents, however, is entirely theirs to confront...lest they sabotage themselves for good.


(5W; Magical Drama)

The rapture has happened and the destruction of the world is underway, as expected...except a child, Bonnie, has unexpectedly been left on Earth to fend for herself.  Her mother goes to extreme lengths to return to Earth and protect her, as does the angel who supervised the rapture, fearing that she will be erased from existence.  The trio learn to survive the unexpected that go along with life on Earth - passion, poison, pregnancy - but also learn the sacrifices that must be made if they expect to exist.

The Rigel Event

(1W, 2M; Sci-fi Drama)

A freak cosmic accident sends Rigel, a NASA explorer, aimlessly spinning in space while his friend, Tom, and fiancée, Cassie, gradually move on after the tragedy.  When Rigel miraculously re-enters their atmosphere ten years later, he seeks to return to his old life and love with newfound perspective, even at the expense of the new family Tom and Cassie have created in his absence. All are forced to confront a new, deeper disaster – that perhaps their search for life on Earth and beyond is a more complicated and unforgiving endeavor than they previously figured out.

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Shorter Works




Distinguished Alumni of the Stanton School​

(3W; Ten-Minute Play)

At the 25th annual benefit for the Stanton School, a former alumna threatens to disturb the continued success of the school's programming.

Let Go.

(2W, 1M; Ten-Minute Play)

A bedridden women is visited her best friend and her lost son - both struggling to get her to release the suffering she has taken on...and taken upon others.
Inspired by the Los Angeles Times article: http://www.latimes.com/local/la-me-mother-murder-mental-20170514-htmlstory.html

A Man Walks into a Coffeeshop

(2W, 1M; One-Act Play)

The owner of a coffee shop in Rogers Park administers her last coffee to a young woman searching for something deeper than Starbucks.

Here (three elegies for a gay club)

(1W, 1M, 1 Genderqueer; Short Play)

Three people walk, dance, and meditate through their first time, umpteenth time, and last time at the same gay club before they are taken away by the lights and sound.

In the Garden of East Peru

(2W, 1M; Ten-Minute Play)

In East Peru, Iowa, a lonely tree ponders her place in the universe while dealing with the usual fanfare: a drunk bro and a young woman heading back to her dorm.

The Winking Man

(3W; Ten-Minute Play)

Three women have been accused of burning a fraternity's "party barn" in Iowa.  But in the interrogation room, they struggle to unveil the true culprit of the arson: The Winking Man, a legendary Iowan they met that night...

Binary Care

(1W, 1M, 1 Androgynous; Ten-Minute Play)

Set in the future, two scientists battle over what future their prized robot will have in the growing, yet controversial field of "compassionate care", but will that future matter if the robot cares to go "maverick” on them?

Darra and Siri in the Supermassive Black Hole

(2W; One-Act Play)

Two women watch the Milky Way at a Dark Sky park in an attempt to enjoy the present, only to confront how small their futures seem in the grand scheme of the universe.

Dogs in the Debris

(2W; Ten-Minute Play)

After a tornado has struck a town, a mother searches for her lost dog in the rubble, while her prodigal daughter presses her to return to shelter before another storm strikes.

Snow Girl

(1W, 1M; Ten-Minute Play)

A drunk man tries to take home a beautiful girl he meets in a snowy clearing.  She hopes to freeze him in place as vengeance for an act he committed upon her - but is he the right man?

Just for Tonight

(2W, 2M; One-Act Play)

A pair of once-lovers try to have a normal night during a snowstorm, but their angelic consciences press them to confront the questions concerning their breakup.

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