Sometimes, pangs perform in poetry.  And sometimes, pangs perform in music.


Much of my writing/performing process begins with music.  Like Quentin Tarantino, I can't begin to write without compiling some sort of soundtrack for each play.  It's here where you get a few windows into my writing inspirations and process through PLAYLists I've pieced together in Spotify...and a few extras.


Extras?  Yep!  I don't just listen to music; I can produce it, too!  Music serves as therapy when the writing process fails to produce anything (or development's a bit slow).  Think of these pick-me-ups - failed American Idol auditions that will never be, but succeed in getting past roadblocks in my "life process."


All of them are more for my sake - trust me, they are by no means perfect.   But they're part of my artistic process...and here you'll find access to me most lyrical.


Desire in a Tinier House
Passing Time in Animal Town
The Sisters Campinas
Jellyfish Queer
Letters to My Unrequited Lovers
Florian and His Two Partners
The Soccer Player in the Closet
The Cleaning Play (Untitled)


Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton (as sung by Ryan Oliveira)
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Wild Horses - Susan Boyle (as sung by Ryan Oliveira)
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Ryan Oliveira

Ideas.  I'm full of them.

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