Below the Pacific (3W, 2M, 1-2 either; Tragedy)

New Play Festival Production at the University of Iowa
May 8, 2015
DirectorMarina Bergenstock
Composer: Joseph Z. Adams
Music DirectorFrankie Rose
Scenic DesignerMelissa Gilbert
Costume Designer: Josh Christofferson
Lighting DesignerCassie Malmquist
Sound DesignerRob Bergenstock
Violence Designer: Lukas Brasherfons
Stage ManagerRachele Ekstrand
Assistant Stage Managers:
Tim Mizones and Brigidta de Souza
Alyssa Cokinis and Alice Doherty

After American Airlines Flight 13 mysteriously disappears in the Southern Pacific Ocean, everyone - human, god, or animal - is shocked into searching for their "missing peace".

A man searches for his wife through karaoke and the Internet from their home in California.

A crash investigator from New Zealand searches a wreck for answers to waiting families.  

A flight attendant searches for an escape from a sea god's prison through a captive mermaid. And a jellyfish simply searches for a friend in the darkness.  


Below the Pacific focuses on these intertwining journeys of finding lost loves and love lost in the bottom of the coean after tragedy - and wheter these lives can find freedom from their solitary existences. 



Doug:           Skyler Matthias
Kai:              Aneisa Hicks
Marina:        Madeline Ascherl
Mei-Lei:       Weiyi Zhang
Takaroa:       Morris Hill
Jellyfish:      Christopher Matheson and Matt Schutz

Diggin' the set?  Feel free to see more of Melissa Gilbert's scenic (and costume!) work at:

Ryan Oliveira

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