Swordplay (1W, 3M, 2 either; Comedy)

New Play Festival Production at the University of Iowa
May 8, 2014
DirectorMarina Bergenstock
Dramaturg: Sarah Johnson
Scenic DesignerKevin Dudley
Costume Designer: Angie Esposito
Lighting DesignerLucas Ingram
Sound DesignerRob Bergenstock
Stage ManagerRachel Winfield
Assistant Stage Manager:
BreAnna McNeill

Serah is a young computer science student suffering from depression, but finds inspiration and solace by playing Swords and Stones (an online role-playing game) with her boyfriend, Robert.  When she surpasses his abilities, he tries to better himself by cheating…with a game store employee (and in-game guild member) and the misogynist hacker who twists Robert into kicking Serah out of the game and their home.  In order to beat her depression on both sides of the screen, Serah must re-connect with herself and beat her broken reality on her own terms…with a little help from a jilted game store employee.



Serah:               Caitlin Dorsett
Robert:             Adam Phillips
Cage:                Christopher Matheson
Draco:               Jacob Hicks
Monsters:         Taylor Edelle Stuart and Rubina Vidal

If you enjoy the lighting of this production, please feel free to see more of Lucas Ingram's lighting, scenic, and projection work at: http://lucasingramdesign.com/

Ryan Oliveira

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