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New Update, Who Dis?

Another year, another set of updates - a whole wallop of updates, actually. I haven't been diligent about updating the world about my work (unless it was on Facebook or vaguely referenced on Instagram which, fine, but not the most professional manner of putting my work out there while weeding through thirst traps).

Part of the lack of news updates on my website is simply petty: I hated the News tab on my site. I hated the structure, I hated its bland presentation. It was a Gargantua Blargg of blah. So instead, I'm personalizing my news a little more. My therapist might consider it "owning more" of my playwriting work and committing to its distribution.

So I have several updates for everyone since I last spoke in...June of 2018? It's been several months, but what a several months of wonderful updates thus far:

(1) Producing, for a second time, the Fornés Workshop in Chicago at the Goodman Theatre in July of 2018. Facilitating space and talent for such beautiful writers was a gig I'm only happy to repeat again.

(2) Serving as Company Manager for Chicago Theatre Marathon in July of 2018! Supporting new, bold, theatrical experiments in the Greenhouse Theatre!

(3) Announcing a premiere production of Desire in a Tinier House at Pride Films & Plays in May-June of 2019, with Topher Leon directing. He assistant-directed the reading at Commission Theatre Company in 2017 and I couldn't be happier to lift him up to the captain's chair in what will be an experimental look at this pop-up book of a play. Original announcement from The Chicago Tribune here:

(4) New PLAYLists? Can only mean new plays at work! Check out my "Music" tab for the Spotify playlists into my process. I'll be uploading some new Jellyfish Queer material in the coming weeks, too.

(5) A rather surprising announcement, but a welcome one! Nothing Without a Company will be producing The Soccer Player in the Closet in February-March of 2019. It'll be directed by Chris Sylvie and with Hannah Herrera Greenspan as dramaturg, the play is already shaping up better than I ever conceived writing it in 2015. It'll take place in the office/mixed use space above a plant shop (literally) on the border of Humboldt Park. No formal season announcement yet, but auditions are happening soon for the play!

(6) I'm developing a brand-spankin' new play with a theatre company I have admired so much since I arrived in Chicago! As a new playwright for Broken Nose Theatre Company's 2018-2019 Paper Trail Series, I'll be developing Mavericks, a noir-like play that tackles loneliness, sexual and gender identity, and Mega Man X (and all its fan-inspirations) between Brazil and Japan, through Internet, karaoke songs, and weirdly telepathic emotions.

(7) Passing Time in Animal Town received a reading at Prop Thtr's Church of the New Play in September of 2018! And I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity to develop that beautiful work with a wonderful cadre of actors. Thank you so much to Olivia Lilley and the cast for being game (video and otherwise) on what ended up being a very affecting work on memory and family.

(8) Both stray and Desire in a Tinier House were included in Steppenwolf's The Mix, an initiative spearheaded by the inimitable Polly Hubbard to champion plays with diverse casts across race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, ability, etc. and put them forth into the American Theatre for further development and production. I'm humbled and incredibly grateful to those folx who nominated these plays.

(9) Finally: As a new member of Pop Magic Productions' songwriting group (through Olivia Lilley and Prop Thtr), I'll be ever-so-slowly developing a brand new solo musical called Letters to My Unrequited Lovers, tackling unrequited queer love and mental illness, whether it be hilariously embarrassing or torch-song-drenched in contemplation. Which is basically a Ryan show in a nutshell - except I'm the one doing it!

I offer these amazing opportunities to the universe to give thanks. It takes a community to

build up an individual, and I couldn't be more grateful to the bold 'n brash theatre community here in Chicago. To ALTA, El Semillero, Prop Thtr, Broken Nose Theatre, The New Colony, Chicago Dramatists, Commission Theatre Company, Pride Films & Plays, Nothing Without a Company, the Fornés Workshop, and Chicago Theatre Marathon - thank you so much for giving me space and time and being. I never believed that in three years, I'd be seeing productions and developments of my own work in Chicago. I was terrified that I would amount to nothing after graduate school. But every year, the universe tells me otherwise and I welcome it. And to everyone who has supported me and continues to do so outside the theatre world: You get my sincerest gratitude, too. I'm nothing without a community, and you all keep including me in your worlds.

And on that note, there's lots more work to get done. :)

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