• By Ryan Oliveira

Bad Puppy (a backroom nursery rhyme)

I also owe you a March 19th poem.

One about a...series of sights in the backroom of a gay bar.

He barks in the backroom

baying to the blue moon

begging for a breath

before a goodnight gasp:


goes the tender to his ass

as he open-palms a cheek

clapping open-mouthèd scream.

And me, the meekest,

weak and bleakly looking

at the puppy limping back

back to licking all his whiskey.

slurp slurp slurp

wags the pink and puckish tongue

while his eyes they bubble over

to the bear he thinks a Rover.

And like a baaaaad puppy

he sniffs along the counter

to the bad bear’s cheeks

teasing squeezing ‘til he’s punked.

Dunk Dunk Dunk

under counter sinks the snout

singing underwater tones

to the undulating bone.

A loooonely bone,

the one he’s waited for

craving crying biting

then bent over by the bear.

strap Snap SLAP

slams the bear upon the puppy

back to bad with boozy supper

back to bed without a soul.

#sm #slap #backroom #gayclub #baddog #slurp #strap #snap

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