• by Ryan Oliveira

Comb Jelly

struggling to sleep i search the comfortable abyss

and find the only earthly light is a dancing widow

on the wall, staring mindless paralyzed in time

cross-section of a spinal cord coming from nowhere

like a comb jelly floating in the unknown universe

a frozen filament hurricane of a pale white ice core

and i think this is the x-ray of a lonely soul

macrosynaptic transmission between man and trace

and the more i stare, the more i mull that nothing matters

but this comb jelly stroking me, steady as it goes

to sink below the stormy surface and become still, stoic

corpse-posed, possessed of dust dreaming weary in this ocean

decomposing into the oldest boats in the fleeting life

the ones that meet the sunrise after casting out the moon

and lasting one more life, just a little more life…

#jellyfish #insomnia #death #contemplation #combjelly #darkness

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