• By Ryan Oliveira

To Find Your Face

It's not so much the rejection as how it's uncovered. And how you have to keep going.

To find your face unfound

from a select few chosen to be

incarnations of greats onstage

is one thing.

To find your face

erased from everything you’ve written

as if ink never kissed page, made love,

is another.

To find your face

in plates across perfect tiles, tiptoed

over so as not to disturb the pieces,

is fantasy.

To find your face,

unfurled, flying first into feral canines,

incisive on back molars, neuralgic stabs

is reality.

To find your face

playing Tetris, filling spaces with

falling blocks, common shapes, frustrated,

is failing.

To find your face

baiting the razor, daring the barber

still to bear blood and bone

is beating.

#rejection #face #failure #FighttheGoodFight #Tetris #KeepFighting #pain #shaving #mirror

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