Desire in a Tinier House (2M; Erotic Drama)

Pride Films and Plays Production
June 4, 2019
DirectorTopher Leon
Scenic DesignerAlex Casillas
Costume Designer: Uriel Gomez
Lighting Designer: Michelle Benda
Sound Designer: Isaac Mandel
Props Designer: Erin Gautille
Stage Manager: Megan Charney
Violence/Intimacy Designer: Gaby Labotka

It only takes three seconds for Trevin and Carlos to lock eyes. But how many minutes, months, millennia will it take for them to remain in love in the middle of the woods – in the middle of an America determined to pull them apart? Can they truly keep the tiny house they’ve made for themselves forever?



Trevin:               Rolando Serrano
Carlos:               Carlos Wagener-Sobrero

Ryan Oliveira

Ideas.  I'm full of them.

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