Soccer Player in the Closet (2W, 3M; Seriocomedy)

Nothing Without a Company Production at Christy Webber Farm & Garden
February 14, 2019
DirectorChristopher Sylvie
Assistant Director: Heather Jencks
Dramaturg: Hannah Herrera Greenspan
Scenic DesignerHayley Wallenfeldt
Costume Designer: Satoe Schechner
Lighting DesignerBenjamin Hampikian
Sound DesignerXavier Lagunas
Stage ManagerSunniva Holmlund
Violence Choreographer: Will Bennett

Cristiano, a top-ranked competitive e-soccer player, who hasn’t stepped out of the apartment he's lived in for three years.  But finally, he leaves the apartment...and behind him, a certain "stench" his cousin and landlady can't seem to Febreeze.  Through Internet magic and memories over video games, they work to unearth the root of the rotten juju.  But what they uncover are painful secrets about themselves and Cristiano – and how difficult it is to get someone to move on from the closet they've built for themselves



Cristiano:               Rolando Serrano
Cobi:                       Julian Serna
Leona:                    Amelia Bethel
Milena:                  Viviana Uribe
Bastian:                  Alex Roggow

Ryan Oliveira

Ideas.  I'm full of them.

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